Refractive Post Top (R54)

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Refractive Post Top (R54)

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Round fitter with scalloped petals is constructed of die-cast 360 aluminum alloy with side-hinged door providing 180o entry into the fitter assembly for easy access to the electrical components. Accepts standard HADCO Twistlock ballast assemblies up to 310W HPS or 320W MH. Wiring block to accept three #8 solid or stranded wires. Optional internal twist-lock photo eye receptacle or optional button eye photocell. Easy access to photo eye through the door on the pod. Heavy cast aluminum post fitter utilizes four 5/16-18 black cadmium stainless steel set screws (Hex head or Allen head as specified) for mounting to 3" O.D. post tenon. Globe holder has an internal water trap to prevent water from entering ballast compartment. Globe is held by utilizing four 5/16-18 black cadmium stainless steel fasteners (Hex head or Allen head as specified). All hardware to be stainless steel and captive. Pod height is 12-1/4" and width is 11-1/2". Finish is polyester thermoset powdercoat.

Roof is 0.060" thick spun aluminum. 12" height and 17" width. The roof and bottom globe sections are secured in a slip-fit, 1/2" overlap design and use four #10-24 stainless steel pan head screws with four aluminum nutserts providing a mechanical lock and enabling easy future replacement of either the roof or bottom globe section if required. Finish is polyester thermoset powdercoat.

All finials are cast aluminum mounted with 1/4-20 stainless steel threaded studs. Standard finial finish will match fixture finish as specified. Finish is thermoset powdercoat.

Fasteners: Allen Head Bolts: Black cadmium stainless steel.

Finish: Verde

Top Reflector: Top reflector is 0.04" thick hydroformed aluminum with a clear anodized highly specular finish. Diameter is 14-1/4" and Height is 6-1/4". Reflector rests on top internal prism wall of the bottom globe section to control uplight.

Socket: Medium

Wattage: 150H 150W PMH

Voltage: 120V

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